Lets start from the middle.

Recently, I’ve decided to take a break from facebook, which provided me with some extra quiet moments to reflect with God. In these moments, I thought about facebook. It seems as though I, (along with many others) have a lot to say without  a great platform to say it on facebook.

I’ve always liked the idea of having a blog but run into some issues like, writers block, or treating it like a journal, or trying too hard, who knows what. I also feel that there’s already so much noise around on the internet, do I have anything of value to add to all this mess? And the quiet voice says yes. All my insight gets lost in the mess of the web, so I decided to look into blogging again, a public spot carved out just for me, despite the results. To satisfy this seemingly endless craving to publicize my words.

Does one need a “niche” to create a blog? I suppose it helps. I am a nurse, so I have some expertise in health and illness. I love a wide variety of music, I love commenting on books. However, the one topic that is constantly rolling off my tongue is God, getting inspired, and always working to be the best-version-of myself (which was inspired from books I read by Matthew Kelly).

An article I read on here today reported certain bloggers to be unapologetically unpolitical and inoffensive (or something like that, and excuse my lack of reference), and perhaps I am one of those.

While I don’t have the balls (or knowledge) to talk in depth about politics, the news, and much of the crap that goes on in the world today, I do have many important insights to offer on a variety of situations. And on living and how to be happy.  and how to find peace, and all sorts of warm and fuzzy things. I hope I can throw a positive new spin on the world for everyone.

Thanks for checking in, and welcome to the middle of my journey.



5 thoughts on “Lets start from the middle.

  1. Welcome welcome! So glad I found your blog because even though I run a book blog I am also in the middle of reconnecting with my faith (Catholic too!) and I totally get the whole just thinking about God the whole day and what His plans might be and all that. It’s gonna be so much fun to read and see what your experiences are and I pray you’ll be an inspiration to me! 😊❤ God Bless you!

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