My New Years Resolution

This year, I have three new years resolutions, but I want to talk about just one of them.

That is, to go to confession every week I’m not working. Some Catholics may think, “I’d rather step on a hornets nest”, and non- Catholics may think, “I’d rather step on a hornets nest- and  i’m allergic to hornets.”

Last year, I went to confession perhaps, 4-6 times. I also read “The 7 secrets of confession” and in doing so, I came to the realization that I’m not there in the confession to admit how bad I am or to beg for forgiveness for my sins. I am there to be healed, and to hear God’s voice through the priest. “God is the divine physician”  as Vinny Flynn reports in this book.

Often, I hear advice that I need to hear that week. “How to become a channel of God’s peace” “How to direct your attention away from things of the flesh and towards things of the spirit.” and “How to maintain hope and closeness to God in times of darkness.” This isn’t the confession I remember as a child and teenager, it’s becoming a counseling of sorts. I’m talking about the priests up in York and Portsmouth, and all of the multiple priests i’ve seen here in Raleigh as well- they all offer these moments for me. These confessions could each be blog posts in themselves, and I will probably chat about future messages. However, this isn’t where I’m going today.

No matter who we are, and where we are on our spiritual journey. No matter what our religion (or lack of) is. Whether you’re Buddhist, you’re atheist, you’re spiritual yet not religious. You’re just a human, we ALL need to have a method of accountability for our lives problems and our actions. Whatever it is you don’t like about yourself or your life. (Overeating, anxiety, overspending, being angry, not making friends, having an affair, doing meth, hiring hitmen). One of your main secrets to having a better life, is going to be to sit down and reflect on your actions, and to pray about them if you can, and to find the reasons for these, and to slowly find your way back to yourself through this.

We are all swarmed with these problems in society today, we are having more and more trouble finding who we are, and what we’re about. We’re swarmed with noise, and other people’s ideas about how to be, and while we may look like we have it all together, we all need to consistently go back and try to come up with something better for ourselves on a regular basis to remain sane and peaceful. How can you do this for yourself? 


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