Own your hat

I’m taking a moment out of my homework to mention this

Nursing in the media

Many of us complain about how nursing is seen in shows and on the news. I don’t watch much TV but do notice that on medical shows nurses are running around in the background while 5 doctors stand around hanging IV’s and having heart to heart conversations with the patents. I heard of a show where the only portrayal of a nurse is where the doctors did everything and they only mentioned one nurse who turned out to be sleeping with all the doctors (Is it Greys Anatomy who did that?) Many times in the news we hear about med errors or nurses stealing drugs. These can all of course cause major problems with perceptions of nurses.


Nurses in textbooks.

First of all I know that nursing is the most trusted profession even over clergy, police, etc. (Nurses hear this stat in our classes all the time.) That’s a good thing. Most of the nurses I know are indeed very ethical and want the best for their patients. So then sometimes we go to the opposite end of the spectrum. Many books will say things like “nurses everywhere have the responsibility to fight for fair healthcare legislation for the benefit of all!” (Not a real quote, just a typical statement.) And the statement I just read- in a factual peer reviewed online journal article- “Nurses have a social responsibility for the holistic welfare of all individuals” (Clark, 2014). The ANA, organizations, and textbooks make these wide global statements all the time making us look like we have this great grand calling to save the whole entire world.
Look at this cool numbered list.

  1. We are all responsible for the holistic welfare of ourselves and our loved ones, nurses aren’t responsible for everything and everybody everywhere.  
  2. Nursing is a special job for special individuals with special skills with many opportunities to make a difference. Yet
  3. Nursing is a job.
  4. Nursing is not our identity!! We are HUMANS and each nurse wears a different hat, there are just a wide variety of hats to choose from.
  5. Every human has a different hat.

We can all have our own small jobs in the world, even if it’s just to love our children, be a good listener, do well at our workplace, etc. etc.

If I ever write in a textbook or a peer reviewed nursing article, it will begin. “You’re all responsible for your own welfare people, but certain nurses may be able to help you with this.”

The specific article I’m talking about is still sorta interesting though.

It’s here.



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