Feeling Journaley

I am on the 10th hour of night shift, so I’m feeling journaley more than bloggey.

Stress is stressful

In school I was told I was a good writer , and I should be a writer. (A huge compliment given people assumed I would succeed.) I was pretty stressed by the end of high school though , and my brain was just blocked with stressors all the time , and that went on for all of college and my entire 20s. A very stressed decade indeed. Stress just blocks creativity and anything good in your life.

The Power of the Chill Pill

Finally the last few years my brain had a chance to just calm down for a variety of reasons. Now this desire to write is back with this pressured urgency. It’s actually relieving. Matthew Kelly said something like “it would be sad if an artist was a mathematician their whole life.” (I can’t remember the exact quote.) It feels like I have a home for my head to go again. I think I may try free writing 1000 words a day, to move the bottlenecked energy through.

Where is your home ?

I hope you , too, can find a home for your head to go.


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